IT companies are starting to become the next electrical, plumbing, or HVAC company. They are everywhere and have access to the same technology, so it can be hard to find one you trust. If you are still reading this, then look no further. We ARE that business you can trust. We work towards building a lasting business relationship. Invite us to your business today so that we can discuss your IT needs!

Here are a few situations that you may currently be dealing with…

“I have a guy I know that does my IT.”

If this “guy” is doing your IT, we are willing to bet it is after-hours or weekend support because they probably have a full-time job already. While this might seem like you are saving money, it will end up costing you more money. These types of losses are never documented on paper. Call us and find out how PCS can resolve your issues promptly and put some money back in your business.

“One of my employees knows IT and takes care of it.”

This is another scenario we typically see. Having an employee that was not hired to perform your IT work might seem reasonable on paper, but wouldn’t you rather have them focusing on their business tasks and generating revenue? We are sure they were not trained for locating lost key components crucial to your IT. Call and schedule time to find out how we can revive your business.

“Our current IT company takes forever to call back.”

We understand that when an employee has an issue with their PC, it is usually during times where a deadline needs to be met and time is of the essence. At PCS, we pride ourselves in understanding these types of situations and call back without delay to ensure those deadlines are met. Call today and see how we can make a difference for your business!

“We have a company, and we are happy with them.”

We hear this over and over, but too often we see some IT companies get complacent, cutting corners, or not giving the client the attention their business needs. At PCS, we like to think of ourselves as your new IT employee. We care about your business and will make sure your IT is always operating. Call us today to find out about our free IT audit.