Benefits Of A Managed Service Provider

Published On: November 1st, 2023

Many organizations are curious to know how a managed service provider benefits them. While an in-house IT team is an option for managing their network, MSPs often come with access to a diverse pool of talent and tools for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT team. Additionally, with technology growing exponentially, and modern business solutions evolving everyday, a managed service provider has the capability to keep organizations competitive with the latest and best technology.

Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Many cyberattacks and IT issues occur during off-business hours. In addition, an in-house IT person may become sick, or they may have shifted from another department and now their original department’s performance is suffering. Sometimes, they may not be completely knowledgeable on the best solution for a given problem. A managed service provider has the capability to provide monitoring for your network 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Additionally, the technicians within a provider may come from various backgrounds and industries; often enabling them to find better solutions to an organization’s IT problem faster.

Saving Precious Administrative Resources

An in-house IT team means requiring physical office space within an organization, including several offices and rooms to store their machines. Additionally, having a team on payroll means administrative time geared towards scheduling, assigning benefits, and dealing with time off requests or vacations. However, having a managed service provider in place means that the only concern an organization has is when an actual issue that occurs needs to be fixed. The managed service provider can remote into the machine where there is a problem, fix it, and your employees can return to business as usual.

Lower Expenses

When hiring a reputable managed service provider for your IT needs, costs can be cut down. Neatly prepared into a monthly cost, MSPs provide maintenance as well as repairs as part of the agreement, so while a fix that would typically cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket, costs you nothing more than what you would typically allocate towards that fixed monthly cost. As a result, small to medium businesses are often the ones who benefit the most from managed services.


In-house IT teams are expensive. Training them can cost many thousands of dollars, and in the event, they leave; an organization must eat the cost of that investment. Additionally, there is a lot of coordination and effort required to scale businesses and networks, which results in an in-house IT team diverting their attention from other important issues, like data security. Using an MSP results in flexibility when it comes to the resources you do have so changes are made in an efficient manner.

Low Downtime

Equipment can fail, especially if outdated. Servers may break, a computer may be disrupted. A reputable MSP will ensure that the correct measures are in place from day one, so that the risks an organization may face are known and mitigated properly. This means that in the event of a disaster, downtime is minimized and your organization can continue business as usual.

Proven Experts

Unfortunately, you may not know how well-versed your IT staff is until they have to deal with a serious issue. Some may be able to attend to the issue quickly and with ease; others may find difficulty in diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed. When you choose Pittsburgh Computer Solutions for your managed service provider, you are getting industry leading experts who have been in business for over 25 years. Our team has seen and remediate issues from many different business types, resulting in competent, professional experience during your business operations. Call us today at (724)942-1337 for your free consultation on how we can save you money and handle all your IT needs.

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