Security Awareness Training

Published On: November 9th, 2023

People employed within organizations, despite being equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and cybersecurity solutions, remain the reason for a large majority of where cyberattacks originate. Whether it is a weak or reused password, clicking a link from a phishing email, or downloading an attachment posed as legitimate; most security breaches are because of human-error. Commonly, the human factor gets lost in the sea of elaborate technology and remains an elevated cybersecurity concern. As a result, companies suffer massive revenue loss because they didn’t train their people. Additionally, many insurance providers are imposing strict requirements for Security Awareness Training for their policies. PCS has the capability to not only provide this training so your employees aren’t diverted from their own duties, but also to implement security solutions alongside 24/7/365 remote monitoring.

In An Increasingly Remote World

After world events in 2020, when many workforces transitioned into a remote work environment, risks to businesses increased dramatically. With a reliance on technology and digital communication comes additional challenges like ensuring a team is both productive and safe with sensitive data. While having an IT team implementing security solutions is a large part of protecting your business, the importance of spreading awareness to the people within your organization is even more so a critical aspect of protecting against attacks. Setting a defined cybersecurity process in place when considering remote workers is best due to the variability in different systems, workstyles, and environments.

Recognize and Defend

It is the obligation of every person within a place of work to recognize an attack and be responsible for protecting the company they are with. Many don’t know how to recognize a threat or what to do when they come across one, and the team at PCS alleviates those issues with its comprehensive cyber awareness training programs.

Qualified, Reputable, and Knowledgeable

Pittsburgh Computer Solutions offers thorough cybersecurity awareness programs that help organizations become well-rounded and further impenetrable to cyberattacks. We focus on following the best industry-leading practices and transferring that knowledge to your workforce, so you are less likely to suffer from the financial and public effects of an attack. Our systems are designed to empower your people and we work to bridge the crucial information gap in the cybersecurity space. Even 15 minutes of monthly training can improve your ability to identify and respond to threats. Contact us today at (724)942-1337 to learn more about how the team at PCS can provide cybersecurity awareness training today.

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