Importance of Backups

Published On: November 20th, 2023

Seven out of ten companies experience data loss to some degree. Understanding what causes those losses, as well as what could be lost during that type of event, is important. Coming in at 1% of lost data, natural disasters are dwarfed by the 78% of losses caused by hardware and system failures. Businesses should always do whatever they can to avoid loss of their data, regardless of how that loss occurs.

If systems are compromised, a practiced recovery plan with a trusted backup of their key systems is vital. Backups are often the most overlooked aspect of a cybersecurity plan, being a resilient and quick method to restore important areas of a business. Any solid business continuity or disaster recovery plan should utilize backup solutions in the event an attack vector breaches a cybersecurity defense. Restoring from a cloud backup is one of the best ways to mitigate damage from such an attack.


The value of backups for a business are the following:

  1. Data Recoverability from Various Points-in-time: if a breach occurs over several months, restoring from a point before the system was attacked is possible.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory laws revolving around HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA require those in charge of handling certain laws to have demonstrable recovery.
  3. Increased Productivity Via Business Continuity: Stay productive with reduced downtime during an attack with quick recovery.

A Qualified Perspective

Most attitudes towards massive data loss comes from individuals thinking a natural disaster or hacking attack is the culprit. Most problems come from neglecting one’s network infrastructure and hardware. Despite these facts, data loss is just that, and the circumstances leading to it need to be evaluated and procedures must be adjusted accordingly. Our team at Pittsburgh Computer Solutions has the knowledge and capability to implement preventative measures businesses need to both understand why data loss occurs and how to recover from data loss of any kind.

The golden rule for backups is to have your data stored in three separate locations. That way, even if one gets lost, you still have copies. There are many options available today for backups and the best selection may differ depending on the type of business. Employing our team to determine which backup solution may be suitable for your situation can be a wise financial move. Call us today at (724)942-1337 so we can figure out the best backup solution for you.

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