HIPAA network support is a complex task very few IT companies have the resources or know how to accomplish.

Do you have a risk assessment that you update annually? How about annual training exams for all your employees? These are just two things that a business should be doing to ensure their business is compliant. At PCS, we work with you each step of the way to ensure your business is taking the necessary steps towards meeting those compliance standards and helping you protect your patient’s information.


If you are healthcare company, then you already know that staying up to date with the new compliance changes can be a daunting, timely task. Sometimes a business may not have the time or resources to work on them and ensure their business is following all the standards. 

At PCS, we can work with you to alleviate this pain. Risk assessments, policy building, and employee training are just a few things we’ll help get incorporated into your business to start working towards being HIPAA compliant. 

We work year-round with you and have several packages to ensure it fits your needs and budget. Call us today to find out more!