Healthcare IT

Your Prescription for a Healthy Network is Here

HIPAA network support is a complex task very few IT companies have the resources or know how to accomplish. Supporting your medical practice is not like supporting any other type of business. Not only do you need highly reliable systems, they have to be protected according to guidelines set in place by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Healthcare IT

When you sign up for our health care complete solutions, here are a few of the substantial benefits:

  • A team of support experts specializing in compliance, reliable networks and an unsurpassed dedication to our clients.
  • All the required HIPAA documentation you need, ready to go and specific to your practice.
  • Predictable monthly costs. One price for all of our services and never a surprise.
  • Staff security training and periodic security reminders as required.
  • Yearly Risk Assessments and documented action plans.
  • Mobile device encryption.
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing.
  • The complete wrap around solution you’ve been looking for so you can focus on your patients, not IT.

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