Don’t let a disaster put you out of business.

Most businesses trust that their backup software or solution is just working, and they never bother to check or test it. Some never think about what their business might do if all their data was lost due to an unexpected disaster. At PCS, we customize a backup strategy to fit your business and ensure that you never have to worry about losing data again.


We are sure, by now, that you have a backup solution in place for your business, but do you know if it’s the right fit? We typically see businesses with a backup, but not set up correctly, tested, or the right fit. If your existing IT company is not having these conversations with you, then it’s time to make a change.

At PCS, we work with you and discuss backups regarding downtime, recovery speed, and costs. Backups should be an ongoing conversation as it is always changing to meet your business’s needs as it too, changes and evolves.

We discuss scenarios that could happen, so you can understand the real downtime and costs associated with getting your business back up and running. This way, when an issue does arise, things are known, documented, and there are no hidden surprises.

We design a custom solution for each one of our businesses because none are alike. We want to make sure you can rest at night knowing your business is safe and risk-free.